I believe everyone can reach their full potential, despite setbacks, misfortune or self-doubt.


What happened to you?

Your life is not what it could be.  You are going through difficulties.

Therapy / counselling can help you to:

  • Overcome mental illness, distress or frustrations,
  • Find your own solutions and fresh perspectives,
  • Come to terms with events and situations,
  • Recover from trauma and abuse,
  • Find more meaning in your life,
  • Have more positive thoughts and feelings,
  • Feel more open to new experiences and less anxious about the future,
  • Be less vulnerable to life’s challenges, and more effective in problem-solving,
  • Be more confident in how you relate to other people,
  • Live by your own values, feeling more in control of your life.

Maybe Therapy can help you

You have tremendous capacity to grow beyond your current difficulties, provided that you have a suitable environment in which to explore and understand what is happening with you, in your own terms. I can help provide this environment.

I’m one of Cornwall’s leading person-centred psychotherapists, helping people all over the world.  I trained with world-leading experts at the University of Nottingham.  I am a member of the BACP and I adhere to the highest ethical standards, to protect your privacy and safety.

Since starting private practice in 2017 I’ve enjoyed considerable success and the business continues to grow, and I’m lucky enough do this work full-time. (Here’s more about me).

…and maybe therapy should treat you as an individual?

Person-centred therapy / counselling / coaching is a popular approach that’s as effective as other leading therapies or medication, yet with long-lasting change.  It was the original evidence-based approach, and was developed by psychologists rather than doctors, because behavioural and analytical approaches were not helpful for enough people.

Unlike all other types of therapy, the person-centred approach helps you to see things confidently from your own perspective, because you will always be the best expert on you.  It is holistic: we can work with your emotions, thoughts, dreams, behaviours or feelings: whatever seems most difficult for you.

Because it works ‘from the inside out’, it is not dependent on diagnosis and has proven effective for all types of condition, and all types of people: you will feel heard, and be understood, as a person.  It is like having the therapist right there in your head, with you, helping you make better sense of your situation, and your growing confidence within it.

Jordan Peterson, the famous psychologist, has described person-centred therapy as ‘one of the most intellectually compelling and practically useful theories of personality’*

* See Jordan Peterson’s ‘Personality and its transformations, lecture 1: introduction and overview’. Available on YouTube.

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