Everyone should be able to reach their full potential as a unique individual, despite setbacks, misfortune or self-doubt.

Therapy should be as individual as you are.

Depressed woman

What happened to you?

Your life is not what it could be.  You are going through difficulties.  This can be painful, terrifying, lonely and persistent.  How to proceed?

Person-centred therapy can help you to:

  • Overcome mental illness, distress or frustrations,
  • Find your own solutions and fresh perspectives,
  • Come to terms with events and situations,
  • Recover from trauma and abuse,
  • Find more meaning in your life,
  • Have more positive thoughts and feelings,
  • Feel more open to new experiences and less anxious about the future,
  • Be less vulnerable to life’s challenges, and more effective in problem-solving,
  • Be more confident in how you relate to other people,
  • Live by your own values, feeling more in control of your life.

Maybe I can help you

I’m a fully-qualified psychotherapist and counsellor, with degree-level training from the University of Nottingham.

You have tremendous capacity to grow beyond your current difficulties, provided that you have a suitable environment in which to explore and understand what is happening with you, in your own terms. I can help provide this environment.

Person-centred therapy is an evidence-based approach that is as effective as other leading therapies, yet with long-lasting change.  It has proven effective for all types of condition, and all types of people.  It doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is, or whether you have one at all.

Person-centred therapy can be particularly suitable for people who are independent-minded, and like to see things their own way.

How effective is person-centred therapy?

Men’s Stuff

I'm not the man I want to be

We men often like to solve our own problems.  Person-centred therapy, counselling or coaching can help you find your own solutions.

Do you struggle with anger, relationship difficulties, loss of meaning, depression etc?

Adult ADHD


I am working to help those with ADHD to find a sense of belonging in their lives, and to make ADHD better understood, less stigmatized, more recognized, and better managed.

Has adult ADHD made your life difficult?

Person-Centred Coaching

coaching - small

Perhaps you don’t need therapy or counselling, but you do feel stuck in life.  You know you’re not living up to your potential, but maybe you would rather focus on solutions than problems.

Unleash the authentic you, with person-centred coaching?

Start to live your life your way

Book a free 30-minute consultation

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