Where would you like our sessions to take place?

We can meet face-to-face (at my therapy room or at your house).

We can meet online, using Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp or other apps.

We can meet outside, perhaps at a beach, footpath, or woodland.

Which would you prefer?

Online sessions

Most of my clients meet me online.  This works very well for many people, and is just as good as face-to-face therapy.  If you want a wider choice of therapist, or if you can’t easily travel to them, online therapy might be for you.

You would need a fast internet connection and be confident that you won’t be disturbed or overheard.

We can talk on:  Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook and VSee (HIPAA-compliant for US clients).

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Face-to-face sessions

Many people prefer to meet the traditional way: face-to-face.  I can meet you at my consultation room in Gulval or, if you prefer, I can visit you at your place.

person-centred therapy or counselling

Outdoor sessions: eco-therapy

There’s something about being outside….  Many of my clients like to meet up in the countryside, or perhaps on a beach.  We can talk while walking amid the beauty of nature.  It’s amazing the difference this can make.

walking together
Carl Rogers
‘There is an organismic basis for the valuing process within the human individual; this process is effective to the degree that the individual is open to his experiencing.’

Start to live your life your way

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Tim has been one of the best counsellors I’ve ever had and really helped me through difficult times. I have learned so much about myself during this journey and my life changed for the better. I would highly recommend him.

Go deeper, with person-centred therapy

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