Have you lost a loved one?

Bereavement can be very difficult. So much has changed in your life, and so little makes sense any more. The old certainties are now gone. How to move on?

It is difficult to pick up the pieces of your life. Everyone grieves in their own way, because we are all unique. Despite the emotional pain of bereavement, there is tremendous potential for acceptance and adaptation. But sometimes we need some help to get us through this painful period as quickly as possible.

Carl Rogers
What you are to be, you are now becoming.

Counselling can help you cope with change

I can help you to make sense of the difficulties that you are going through, in your own terms, and find the solutions that are right for you.  The person-centred approach to therapy, counselling and coaching is based on the idea that the right questions and answers lie in you, if you can find a way to let them out.  I won’t tell you what you should do.  You will not be patronised, because you are the best expert on you.

Start to live your life your way

Book a free 30-minute consultation

Tim helped me to start to make sense of the things I had been through. Just to have that acceptance from him, and to know that I would not be judged for whatever I said was an immense help to me.

Set your own course, with person-centred therapy

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