Person-centred couples therapy

Your relationship is in trouble. There is no shortage of people offering advice, but you want to find the solutions that are best for you. You want to move forward as your authentic selves.

Coaching - at your crossroads

A different kind of relationship counselling: hear each other again

The person-centred approach is well-suited to couples therapy.  Many couples prefer to find their own solutions, and the approach provides a means by which the couple can reach a better understanding of themselves and each other.  This allows them to resume their relationship with as much authenticity as possible.

A person-centred couples therapist is non-directive – they will not tell you what the problem is, or what you should do about it.  You have the capacity to decide these things for yourself, if the conditions are right.  The person-centred therapist provides these conditions.  He sees your world as you do.  He can help you both understand what is really happening inside, and what you want to do about it.

Start living life your way

K & C:
“Tim helped my husband and I overcome some huge hurdles in our marriage and he enabled us to start again.  The help he gave us is unmeasurable and his counselling technique was perfect for us.   He gave us the opportunity to be honest and was able to translate what we were trying to say and helped us understand why we were feeling a particular way.   We have survived because of this wonderful man.”
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