What is person-centred coaching?

Perhaps you don’t need therapy or counselling, but you feel stuck in life. You know you’re not living up to your potential. Maybe you would rather focus on solutions than problems.

  • Where do I go next in life?
  • Am I getting enough personal growth from my work?
  • Can my life be more meaningful?
  • Can I be more assertive?
  • What am I ‘built’ to do?
  • How can I best use my talents?
  • How can I get more from my relationships?
  • Is the balance right in my life?
  • Where is my self-confidence?
  • Is my time being well spent?
Carl Rogers
What I am is good enough if only I would be it openly.
Coaching - at your crossroads

A different kind of coaching

Many people have benefitted from life coaching.  Person-centred coaching is different, helping you to reach deep into yourself in pursuit of greater authenticity and personal growth.  It is as individual as you are, because you find your own best solutions.  The non-directive person-centred approach is very well-suited to personal development, and can lead to transformational change.

The non-directive person-centred approach works well regardless of how psychologically healthy you are.  It is very well-suited to independent-minded people who want to understand things in their own terms, such as entrepreneurs and executives.  It complements the more directive, traditional coaching approaches.

I can help you to uncover and unleash your authentic self.

Start to live your life your way

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The changes I have made out there happened because of the changes I made in our sessions.

Re-prioritize, with person-centred coaching

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