Student life: far from home and under pressure

Being a student is tough. It is difficult to suddenly live independently yet still be so busy. There’s so much to learn, and much of it is not academic. There’s so much pressure to do well, and so much to learn about yourself as a person. There’s also money worry, and career fear.

Many students struggle with mental health problems because of these pressures. Stress, anxiety and depression are very common. These conditions can seriously affect their quality of life and their academic performance. Many students seek help too late. Local support for students is often inadequate to meet demand.

Carl Rogers
The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.

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I can help you to make sense of the difficulties that you are going through, in your own terms, and find the solutions that are right for you.  The person-centred approach to therapy, counselling and coaching is based on the idea that the right questions and answers lie in you.  I won’t tell you what you should do.

My role as therapist is to provide the environment that helps you to gain the insights and confidence that you need to grow as a person.  You will not be patronised, because you are the best expert on you.

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Tim enabled me to work at my own pace. I felt able to be me; but he knew when to push me forwards. Tim always encouraged me to see the benefits of making time to ‘be’ rather than always ‘do’ and I have carried this onwards.

Regain control, with person-centred therapy

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