Happy employees make business sense

Life is difficult.  Work is difficult.  Stress keeps employees at home.  It affects them and the company.

Many organizations benefit from an Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), which can improve employee well-being and retention, and reduce absenteeism.  An EAP makes counselling available immediately to those who might otherwise not be able to consider it.  All sorts of issues can be addressed this way, including interpersonal conflicts, anger, depression, anxiety, major life transitions, ADHD, and work-related stress.

I can support your EAP through person-centred counselling, therapy and coaching, with online sessions.  Given the right therapeutic environment, your employee can quickly gain a better understanding of their situation, and a better sense of their priorities.

If you are based in West Cornwall I can support your EAP through face-to-face sessions.

A typical EAP counselling programme might include up to 10 sessions.

Call me today to see if I can help keep your employees happy in their work.

Referrals from other clinicians

Referrals from doctors, psychologists and other clinicians are welcomed.

The unique characteristics of person-centred therapy can make it an ideal alternative to the usual options when one of your patients or clients is psychologically distressed.

I am very happy to provide more information if this is of interest.

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